PBN Approach Map

The PBN Approach Map tool

This EUROCONTROL Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Approach Map tool illustrates the deployment of PBN instrument approach procedures against objectives set in the ICAO Assembly Resolution 37-11 and the European Regulations on PBN (including the PCP IR and the PBN IR). PBN approaches include instrument approach procedure compliant with the following navigation specifications of the PBN Manual (ICAO Doc 9613):


The tool is feature-rich, providing information about:

  • Deployment progress since 2012 based on actual publications,
  • Future deployment trends based on publication plans communicated to EUROCONTROL and ICAO,
  • The availability of PBN approaches with vertical guidance (APV) on all runway ends or on runway ends without precision landing (e.g. ILS, MLS or GBAS),
  • Deployment status for ECAC, individual countries, PCP airports and individual airports.


To access the PBN Approach Map you first need to register to our OneSky Online extranet – it is free. Once you have your account click on “Access tool” below.

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