RNP Approach Chart Title Change

The ICAO EUR region is currently implementing Circular 353.

Therefore, over the next 18 months States will be transitioning the title of their approach charts from RNAV (GNSS) RWY XX to RNP RWY XX.  EUROCONTROL has published a factsheet on this change and it can be downloaded here.  For more information on the IAP chart changes click here.

For specific information on European IAP chart transition planning, go to the ICAO/EUR website.  Direct access to ICAO/EUR chart title tracking can be found at the following url:

https://www.icao.int/EURNAT/Pages/OTHER EUR Planning Docs.aspx

PBN Implementation Regulation Transition Plans

In accordance with the PBN IR (EU 2018/1048), Member States are required to evolve Transition Plans.  These Transition Plans are expected to be update throughout the lifecycle of the IR.  The requirements placed on the MS can be summarised as follows:

PBN Transition plans can be found here:

PBN Implementation Tracking

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