Performance Based Navigation

This Portal is provided ‘as is’ and aims to provide the user with comprehensive answers to the multitude of questions that the facets of PBN can create.

PBN Areas

Overview of PBN

PBN concept and benefits

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Implementing PBN

Development and implementation aspects for various stakeholders.

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Using PBN

Operational aspects on PBN

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Education and Training

Awareness material and links to the EUROCONTROL training zone

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PBN Tools

Available on a free basis to all partners working on implementation.

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Environmental mitigation, collaborative environmental management and community engagement.

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Stakeholder Consultation

Overview of the different EUROCONTROL Navigation Stakeholder agreements

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User Support Cell

For airspace users, airframe manufacturers, state authorities, avionics installers, etc.

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Deployment Monitoring

This page will discuss aspects of PBN deployment monitoring

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What's new?

Welcome to the ePBN Portal

Navigating the ePBN Portal

Navigating the ePBN Portal

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A key airspace and airport interoperability enabler.

Performance based navigation (PBN) implementation in Europe is a key enabler for increasing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, increasing capacity, and improving airport access. These improvements will help us achieve performance targets and meet operational needs in European airspace, as well as achieving global interoperability for both civil and military operations.

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