Navigating the ePBN Portal



This Portal is provided 'as is' and aims to provide the user with comprehensive answers to the multitude of questions that the facets of PBN can create.  You will find FAQs and User Support contact capability at the top and bottom of the page.  The search function can be tailored to provide relevant data to a stakeholder discipline by selecting a specific user profile.  The main sections: Overview of PBN, Implementing PBN, Using PBN and Education and Training will give the user access to all of the pages and there are navigation buttons at the bottom of each indivdual page.  The PBN tools section provides the user with both web-based applications which are directly accessible within the Portal and links to 'managed' EUROCONTROL tools which are held behind the Onesky Online Extranet firewall and will require authentication to use.

If at any time, you get lost or just wish to reset to the top level, select the PBN logo on the top left to bring yourself back to the opening page.

Any issues or suggestions will be gratefully received and you can do this via the Contact tab at the footer of the page.

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