European Regional Transition Plan for RNAV to RNP IFP Charts Identification

EUR/NAT 19-0253.TEC (NIA/DAC) - 19 June 2019


Guidance Material for the Implementation of RNP Approach Operations

EUR Doc 025, Version 2.0 - January 2021



European Commission:

Common Project One Implementing Regulation

(EU) 2021/116 of 1 February 2021


Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Implementing Regulation

(EU) 2018/1048 of 18 July 2018


Oversight of air traffic management/air navigation services Implementing Regulation

(EU) 2017/373 of 1 March 2017




Easy Access Rules for Standardised European Rules of the Air

SERA eRules - Published November 2021


Subpart C of Certification Specification for Airborne CNS

Issue 4 - Published 5 April 2022




CANSO Guidance on Technical Cooperation Agreements (TCA) between ANSPs – Version 1.0

Approved by CANSO Europe - Published 2022



Approved by CANSO Europe - Published 2022





European Airspace Concept Handbook for PBN Implementation

PBN Handbook No. 1, Edition 4 - Published 21 April 2021


EUROCONTROL Guidelines for RNAV1 Infrastructure Assessment

EUROCONTROL-GUID-114, Edition 2.0 - Published 20 July 2021


European PBN Route Spacing Handbook

PBN Handbook No. 3, Edition 1 - Published 10 February 2021


European NAVAID Infrastructure Planning Handbook including Minimum Operational Network (MON)

PBN Handbook No. 4, Edition 1 - Published 05 May 2021


European PBN Implementation and Transition Planning Handbook

PBN Handbook No. 5, Edition 2 - Published May 2021


European GNSS Contingency/Reversion Handbook for PBN Operations

PBN Handbook No. 6, Edition 1.1 - Published 17 June 2021


Terminal Airspace Design Guidelines - Section 5

Version 2 - Published 17 January 2005



RNP Approach

November 2019


Instrument Approach Chart Title Change from RNAV to RNP

June 2019



February 2022



December 2012


PBN SID/STAR charts Harmonised AIP Publication

January 2024


Historical Safety Cases and Arguments

Guidance to States on Basic RNAV Route Spacing

Approved by ANT/12 - Published September 2001


European Region Area Navigation (RNAV) Guidance Material Fifth Edition

ICAO EUR DOC 001 RNAV/5 - Published September 2003


ANSP Common Methodology for P-RNAV Implementation in ECAC Terminal Airspace

Approved by ANT/30 - Published February 2003



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