Stakeholder Engagement

This page will consider community engagement 

EUROCONTROL supports the operational stakeholders on and around airports through the implementation of Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM).  A collaborative approach to environmental management can support the search for solutions that ensure the maximum potential for current operations and the sustainable growth of airports.

A link to the CEM pages on the EUROCONTROL website is here.

Furthermore, the ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) has published a set of best practices for service providers to aid environmental community engagement when implementing an airspace change. This document, entitled Environmental Community Engagement for Performance-Based Navigation, highlights the importance of effective community engagement and provides good practices that should be considered when undertaking airspace modernization.  Developed from information provided by the industry stakeholders as well as other published literature, it is intended to share and promote best practices to support improved community understanding and assist in effective airspace development.  This document can be found on ICAO's Environmental website which can be accessed here.

Finally, CANSO provides several documents on community consultation and stresses that community consultation takes considerable resources in terms of time, effort and money.  However, it should be recognised that the level of community engagement can only be determined at the local level.  There is no single template for community engagement as the level of interaction required is different across the different States of Europe.  Furthermore, the impact of aviation on the community is very subjective and even though technically a noise reduction through focusing of traffic could be demonstrated, the moving of an IFP could lead to a very hostile reaction.

The following links to ACI & CANSO documentation provide further information on this very sensitive topic:

Considerations for Community Noise Interactions   

Managing the Impacts of Aviation Noise

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