CANSO Technical Cooperation Agreements Guidance

CANSO has developed guidance material to assist ANSPs in drawing up a Technical Cooperation Agreement (TCA). Its purpose is to enhance collaboration in a transparent manner by authorizing to share data with one another, interconnect and exchange information on one another’s ATM/ANS systems, coordinate and cooperate with regard to the joint use of services or facilities.

The Regulation (EU) 2017/373 ATM/ANS.OR.B.005 (f), requires ANSPs to sign technical cooperation agreements as part of their management system and “establish formal interfaces with the relevant service providers … to ensure that the aviation safety hazards entailed by its activities are identified and evaluated, and the associated risks are managed and mitigated as appropriate…”.

Signing a TCA on shared CNS assets supporting a cross border ground-based navigation infrastructure, indicates the shared interest of the involved parties and may make a successful outcome more likely. This guidance material can be accessed through the PBN Portal Library.

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