Special approvals

Common PBN training and endorsement covers the majority of the navigation specifications; however, special approval on top of standard PBN training is required for RNP Authorization Required APCH or  RNP (AR) APCH and RNP 0.3 operations.

 RNP (AR) APCH Operations

 The RNP AR APCH specification represents the ICAO global standard for developing Instrument Approach Procedures to airports where limiting obstacles exist and/or where significant operational efficiencies can be gained.

These procedures advanced aircraft capabilities and special aircrew training.

 In other words, RNP (AR) APCH is a sophisticated approach specification for challenging environments, relies on GNSS and requires extensive flight crew performance with specific authorisation per procedure.

Commercial operators must have a training programme addressing the operational practices, procedures and training items related to RNP (AR) APCH operations (e.g. initial, upgrade or recurrent training for pilots, dispatchers or maintenance personnel).

 A thorough understanding of the operational procedures and best practices is critical to the safe operation of aircraft during RNP AR APCH operations. This must provide sufficient detail on the aircraft’s navigation and flight control systems to enable the pilots to identify failures affecting the aircraft’s RNP capability and the appropriate abnormal/emergency procedures. Training must include both knowledge and skill assessments of the crew members’ and dispatchers’ duties.

 Specific for flight crew, before starting an RNP AR APCH procedure for which a procedure-specific approval is required, they should undertake additional ground training and flight simulator training, as appropriate. Next to this, the operator should incorporate recurrent training that employs the unique RNP (AR) APCH characteristics of the operator’s RNP AR APCH procedures as part of the overall training programme.

RNP 0.3 operations

 The helicopter community identified a need for a specification that has a single accuracy of 0.3 NM for all phases of flight, recognizing that such a specification would enable a significant part of the IFR helicopter fleet to obtain benefits from PBN.

Commercial operators must have a training programme addressing the operational practices, procedures and training items related to RNP 0.3 operations e.g. initial, upgrade or recurrent training for pilots.

The training programme should provide sufficient training (e.g. simulator, training device, or aircraft) on the aircraft RNP system to the extent that the pilot is familiar with the general operating procedures, pre-flight planning, RNP 0.3 availability prediction, specific RNP 0.3 SID and STAR requirements and Contingency procedures.

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