GNSS Threat Assessment Tool

EUROCONTROL has developed a methodology for assessing GNSS threats to aircraft operations.

This methodology has been evolved into a web-based tool allowing the user to assess the risk of different GNSS threats on their operations.The objective of this GNSS Threat Assessment tool is to allow the individual States to assess the risk to their operations from the loss or interruption of the GNSS signals. Using the set of pre-defined baseline scenarios, individual users can either accept the scenario and assess the output or adjust the scenarios to mirror their own environment. The expectation is that this assessment tool will allow States to draw up a framework of high-risk threats and enable each State to define appropriate mitigation actions to ensure that operations are managed safely in a degraded navigational environment.EUROCONTROL takes no responsibility (and equally has no liability) for the decisions taken using the GNSS Threat Assessment tool.

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