Stakeholder Consultation

This page addresses all the different Stakeholder fora involved in PBN


The EUROCONTROL Navigation Unit animates three Stakeholders groups:

The Navigation Steering Group (NSG).

The Navigation Steering Group (NSG) is responsible for the development of navigation applications and the NAVAID infrastructure within a greater context of network operations and CNS. As such, the NSG is a sub-group of the Network Operations Team (NET OPS) as regards navigation applications and of the CNS Team as regards the NAVAID infrastructure. The NSG ensures full coordination of application and infrastructure activities between the Network Operations Team and the CNS Team from which it receives instructions and guidance. The NSG is constituted in order to support both teams in providing a direct channel of communication between the EUROCONTROL Agency and its stakeholders on activities relating to the development of navigation applications and NAVAID infrastructure with a view to enhancing the safety, capacity and efficiency of the European ATM network and its interfaces with adjacent ATM structures. It has to respond to the requirements set in the European ATM Master Plan within the framework of SESAR, SES regulations and to the EUROCONTROL Agency objectives.

It acts as a steering committee, monitoring and directing the work of the following subordinate focus groups:

The Landing and Take-Off / GBAS Implementation Support Group (LATO/GBAS ISG): This group is responsible for the Precision Approach, Landing and Guided Take-off operations within the Navigation Unit. It covers the use of ILS, MLS and GBAS systems for these applications and reports to the NSG. LATO/GBAS ISG discusses both technical and operational aspects of Precision Approach operations including GBAS issues.

The PBN Implementation Support Group (PBN ISG): This group coordinates the activities necessary for the implementation of PBN operations including PBN routes, SIDs, STARs and RNP approaches. It provides stakeholders the opportunity to share their PBN implementation experiences, collect and collate lessons learned and establish best practices.  The group focuses on the implementation of PBN applications as called for in the PBN Implementing Regulation (EU 2018/1048).

Other global ICAO Stakeholder consultation mechanism are:

ICAO Operational Safety Panels

  • Instrument Flight Procedures Panel (IFPP)
  • Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (SASP)

Systems Panel

  • Navigation Systems Panel (NSP)

Study Groups & Task Forces

  • Performance-based Navigation Study Group (PBNSG)

At the regional level, the PBN consultation mechanism is:

ICAO Paris

  • Performance-based Navigation Coordination Task Force (PBNC TF)

Coordinated with the NSG and annually shares a joint meeting.


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