This section discusses 'Need to Know' information and then provides 'Nice to Know' awareness material on ground movements and clearances.


There is no change to PANS ATM (ICAO Doc 4444) phraseology for issuing SID clearances.

If an aircraft responds 'Unable RNP or RNAV' this could be because:

  • the aircraft or flight crew are not certified for the operation
  • the aircraft does not have serviceable avionics
  • the cleared procedure is not in the aircrafts Navigation Database.

Therefore, the aircraft will not be able to fly that procedure and the pilot should be given an alternative clearance.


RTF - There is no change to PANS ATM (ICAO Doc 4444) phraseology for issuing landing clearances.

Runway Visual Range (RVR) - certain RNP approach procedures may have RVR criteria stipulated.  Controllers should be aware of these visiblity requrements.

Missed Approach (MA) - There is no change to missed approach procedures.  However, guidance on a RNP APCH MA may be based on a Navigation Aid which is not compatible with the aircraft's sensors.   


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