PBN AIP Publication

EUROCONTROL monitors the implementation of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) procedures in ECAC us­ing the PBN Map tool, which has recently been updated, and integrating the data published in the national AIPs as well as the implementation plans derived from the draft PBN Transi­tion plans submitted by the ATM/ANS providers.

Each AIRAC cycle prompts a thorough examination of national AIPs, with a specific focus on identifying new PBN procedures, particularly Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Instrument Arrivals (STARs).

It has been identified that PBN information is dispersed across various sections of SID/STAR charts, varying by coun­try or airport, contrary to the specific promulgation principles outlined by ICAO. This inconsistency prompted EUROCONTROL to address the lack of harmonization in European PBN SID/STAR charts in various stakeholder groups. The need for a harmonized layout of the PBN SID/STAR charts was agreed, especially given the mandate by the European PBN implementing regulation (EU 1048/2018) that necessitates the implementation of PBN SID/STAR at every instrument runway where these procedures are published.  Therefore, to support standardisation this factsheet has been created.

The ‘PBN SID/STAR charts Harmonised AIP Publication’ factsheet is aimed at specialists responsible for chart origination and includes illustrative examples and cor­responding references to ICAO documentation. It is essential to note that this resource is intended to enhance understanding and promote harmonization but does not seek to replace or override state regulations or ICAO requirements regarding AIP publication and charting.

The ‘PBN SID/STAR charts Harmonised AIP Publication’ factsheet can be found here.


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