Dual Use CNS

To enable military aircraft to operate more easily in General Air Traffic (GAT) airspace a concept of Dual Use CNS has evolved.  Dual Use represents simply the optimal use of military capabilities to sustain civil requirements. Nevertheless, it is important to underline that the equipage priorities of military platforms will always be determined from their primary military mission requirements.

Transport-type military aircraft, regularly operating in GAT airspace, clearly benefit from higher levels of equipage from a civil ATM/CNS perspective. For such platforms, the military normally target similar levels of equipage as for civil/commercial airline aircraft. These types of aircraft have enough space and provisions for the technical integration of additional avionics.

Fighter aircraft are to a lesser degree suited to accommodate compatible civilian systems, in comparison to larger transport-type aircraft, due to their highly integrated avionics and reduced cockpit space.

Further information on Dual Use is provided on the following link:

Dual use communication navigation and surveillance approach


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