RNP Authorisation Required (AR) Approach

This page looks at the use of RNP AR APCH to provide very accurate navigation guidance into terrain or environmentally challenged aerodromes.

It should be noted that a only a subset of the European fleet are capable of these operations.

RNP Authorisation Required (AR) Approach into Funchal, Madeira

The RNP Z AR approach to RWY 05 in Funchal, Madeira (LPMA) contains a 206 degree continuous turn to final, consisting of multiple RF legs and a Decision Altitude (DA) which is reached before the end of the last turning leg. This RNP approach with Authorisation Required (AR) has specific requirements on the aircraft navigation system (typically dual FMS installation, dual GNSS with inertial positioning, dual PFD and NDs, dual Flight Directors, at least one Autopilot, dual Radio Altimeters and TAWS). The approach has high terrain directly land-inwards from the airport and requires specific aircraft approval and flight crew training. It was flown using an Airbus A350 aircraft simulator.

Public AR Procedures

RNP AR procedures compliant to the design criteria of ICAO Doc 9905 are considered public procedures.  This enables global use of these  public procedures by approved RNP AR operators with the required RNP accuracy.

RNP AR procedures within ICAO Doc 9905 can range from low to high complexity (challenging terrain etc).  The evaluation of complexity is the responsibility of the Sovereign State of that procedure with support from the procedure designer and operators.

The Sovereign State of the procedure may decide that an RNP AR procedure is not for public use, based upon complexity or other reasons. This then would become a ‘Special Authorisation’ procedure (see below).

When the RNP AR procedure is considered for public use, the procedure will be published in the State AIP.

All public procedures should state: RNP AR Authorisation Required.  The chart title should be RNP RWY XX (AR) – where XX indicates the runway direction.

If a RNP AR operator wishes to fly RNP AR procedures in a foreign State, then it is the responsibility of the State of the operator to evaluate the intended procedure to ensure it is within the operator’s approval.

RNP AR operators must conduct an Operator Evaluation of the RNP AR procedure, this provides an overall assessment of the proposed operation.

This evaluation should determine the depth of Flight Operational Safety Assessment (FOSA) required based upon:

  • Aircraft capabilities under normal and abnormal procedures
  • Crew training
  • Procedure complexity
  • The environment the procedure is designed for and its complexity

Experienced RNP AR operators, with the agreement from their State, may not be required to conduct a FOSA; however, the Operator Evaluation will provide statement(s) of consideration against the FOSA requirements.

Non-Public Procedures

Procedures that are non-compliant with the design criteria of ICAO Doc 9905, or if the Sovereign State of the specific procedure has decided not to approve a RNP AR procedure compliant with 9905 for public use, are considered to be ‘Special‘ procedures

Operators that have a RNP AR authorisation are not permitted to fly ‘Special’ procedures without additional oversight and approval by the Sovereign State of that procedure.

‘Special’ procedures are not recommended to be published in the State’s AIP.  However, States that do elect to publish ‘Specials’ in the AIP need to safeguard against non-authorised operators having that ‘Special’ procedure in their navigation databases.

For operators to conduct ‘Special’ procedures, oversight from the Sovereign State is required.

If an acceptable level of safety is achieved a ‘RNP AR Special Authorisation’ will be issued by the Sovereign State for that specific procedure.

Recognising that the procedure design may be outside of the criteria of Doc 9905, it is recommended that the Sovereign State considers, as a minimum, the FOSA requirements identified in ICAO Docs 9613 and 9997.

The chart should clearly have a statement ‘RNP AR Special Authorisation Required’.

Only operators with RNP AR Special Authorisation’ for that specific procedure are approved to use the procedure.

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