What's new > RELEASED!! - PBN Manual Edition 5 and CS-ACNS Issue 4

RELEASED!! - PBN Manual Edition 5 and CS-ACNS Issue 4

ICAO has just released the 5th Edition of the PBN Manual (Doc 9613).  This release is an advanced unedited version but can now be used.  A general summary of changes are as follows.  The major changes will be to A-RNP which now supports SIDs/STARs at RNP 0.3 and does not cover the Final Approach Segment.  The RNP 0.3 navigation specification is now a dedicated rotorcraft specification.  RNP AR operations now covers departures as well as approach.  There are small updates to the RF appendix and a new Attachment on VNAV in the Final Approach segment.  The new manual can be accessed here.

In addition, EASA released the fourth issue of the CS-ACNS in early April.  For Navigation the notable changes are in Subsection 5 - Vertical Navigation in Final Approach and Subsection 6 - RNP Authorisation Required (AR).

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