When planning a PBN implementation, care should be taken to ensure that enough time has been planned into the project to ensure that all the foreseen tasks/activities can be completed.  To that end, the Planning Estimation Tool has been developed to assist States and implementation teams to calculate when projects should be started based on man days required per activity and the AIRAC date of the planned implementation.

The tool has a set number of default days allocated to each activity as well as some for additional considerations such as consultation.  The user can adjust any of the man day values to suit their own needs.

By selecting an AIRAC implementation date in Activity 16 the tool will calculate backwards from that date to provide the user with a starting date in line 1-3 based on those working days.  To ensure only AIRAC cycle dates are selected for implementation, a calendar will be visible when selecting dd/mm/yyyy and only those dates associated to the AIRAC cycle are selectable.

Please note, the tool does not save your data, so if you close the tool and re-access later, the default settings will be applied to your next session.

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