Applicable Sensors

Applicable sensors supporting each Navigation Specification.

It is important to understand that an aircraft is only required to be fitted with one identified sensor to comply with the Navigation Specification.  Therefore, flight crews and flight dispatch personnel must know which sensor(s) are certified for the specific Nav Spec.

The table below identifies which sensors can be used to support the individual navigation specifications.  Automatically the reader will identify that an IFR certified GPS receiver will support all levels of navigation performance from RNAV 10 down to RNP AR APCH.  Below 5 NM performance the VOR no longer has a role and DME/DME positioning is not accurate enough to support a 0.3 NM performance.


1.      If the certification for RNAV 10 (RNP 10) is based on two Inertial platforms meeting the dual Long Range Navigation Systems (LRNS) requirement, then there is a time limitation (initially set at 6.2 hours).

2.      If the RNAV 5 certification is based on Inertial only, then there is a time limitation of 2 hours from the last ground update.

3.      To enable RNP 2 and A-RNP into oceanic/remote continental airspace then dual independent LRNS (providing Higher Continuity) are required.

4.      For DME/DME to support RNP applications only when authorised by a specific State, based on an available DME infrastructure and appropriate aircraft capability.

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