Activity 16 - Implementation

Implementation is the culmination of the Airspace Design Team's work.

The implementation is to take place on an appointed AIRAC cycle turn over date.

With proper planning and organisation, the culmination of an Airspace design project is trouble-free Implementation. Nevertheless, the Airspace design team should consider the following support over the implementation period:

  1. Ensure that there is adequate representation from among the members of the team available in the operations hall on a 24-hour basis for at least two days prior to the implementation date, during implementation and for at least one week following implementation.  This would make it possible for the airspace team to:
  • Monitor the implementation process;
  • Support the Centre supervisor/Approach Chief or Operational Manager should it become necessary to use redundancy or contingency procedures;
  • Provide support and information to operational controllers and pilots;
  1. Enable a log-keeping system for a period similar to that in [i] above, so that implementation-related difficulties may be noted and used in future project planning.
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