Activity 15 - Awareness & Training

The training of team members and operational staff remains one of PBN's greatest challenges, despite being key to successful PBN implementation.  The preparation and timely availability of awareness and training material is essential.  Simple and expert specific training is crucial.

The introduction of PBN can involve considerable investment in terms of training, education and awareness material for flight crew, controllers, AIS staff, engineering etc. In many States, training packages and computer based training have been effectively used for some aspects of education and training.  ICAO and EUROCONTROL both provide training material and on-site training.

Each Navigation Specification in the PBN Manual Volume II, Parts B and C addresses the education and training appropriate for flight crew and controllers; with the exception of RNP AR APCH and RNP 0.3, pilot PBN training is now incorporated in standard IR training provided by recognised ATOs, controller recommended PBN training can be found here.

Training should be timely and not rushed; it is an excellent vehicle for gaining acceptance of airspace users and controllers. A reasonable proportion of the implementation training material required for the implementation should already have been developed for the RTS and this would logically form the basis of that training.  Furthermore, using the airspace design team as ‘champions‘ to promote the PBN implementation and deliver the required implementation training.

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