This part of the PBN Portal targets operational air traffic controllers. It provides a PBN overview allowing controllers to acquire an appreciation of what they NEED TO KNOW (N2K) about PBN to do their job. Although more comprehensive versions of this material exist elsewhere on this site, on first visiting this section of the Portal, operational controllers are invited (actually, strongly encouraged!) to read through this dedicated operational ATC section without being ‘diverted’ elsewhere for more detail. Details are often ‘nice’ to know, and can be looked at later!

  • Introduction
  • Area Navigation and PBN for ATC
  • Grasping the essence of PBN
  • Area Control & PBN Operations (primarily in FRA)
  • Departure, Approach/Extended Approach Control & PBN Operations
  • Approach/Tower Control & PBN Operations
  • ATC Contingency - Unable RNP
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