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European PBN Implementation
Handbook for Airspace Planners
Activities 1 to 17 with critical milestones
ACT (to be read from bottom-up) No of Days
(Reset Values)
Key dates (latest)
5 day week
17 Post Implementation Review (e.g. 6 months after project implementation)
16 Implementation of Airspace Change (Match AIRAC Cycle date) << Enter INTENDED Implementation Date here (Must match AIRAC Cycle Date)
Additional working day buffer to allow for unfore-seen delays (aprox. 10% of total)
14-15 ATC System Integration
  • Write up LoAs
  • Awareness and Training
GO / No-Go Decision
Procedure Design, Ground & Flight and Validation & Flight Inspection + 56 day (1) AIRAC cycles
  • ATC Training *
* Separate no. of days not calculated for ATC Training; Above shows that this would occur at the same time as PANS-OPS procedure design or during 56 day final AIRAC cycle
11 Airspace Concept Validation by Real-Time Simulation (Preparation an Runs) ** ** Assumes availability of FTS and/or RTS simulator slots, and required specialists & ATCos/pseudo pilots available
11 Airspace Concept Validation by Fast-Time Simulation (Preparation and runs) **
10 Confirmation of ICAO Navigation Specification
6-9 Finalise Airspace Design & CBA - iteration
9 Airspace Design: Volumes and Sectors
7 2nd Iteration: Airspace Design - Routes and Holds
Public Consultation with Airspace Users and other stakeholders & Comment Review
Environmental Impact Assessment
8 Initial Procedure Design
7 1st Iteration: Airspace Design - Routes and Holds
6 Cost Benefit Analysis - fleet, infrastructure etc
6 Data collection and agreement on CNS/ATM assumptions incl. Fleet capability; traffic sample etc.
5 Select Safety Criteria; Determine Performance Criteria and understand Safety Policy Considerations
4 Analyse Reference Scenario (incl. Data collection of full ATM operations and critical review of current operations)
1-3 Agree Operational Requirement; Project Planning; Create Airspace Design Team; Agree Project Objectives and Scope << This is the latest project start date based on a 5 day working week
Total number of working days required for the PBN Implementation Project TOTAL DAYS
Public Awareness and Concept Consultation with preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment and Benefits Case This start date for formal consultation would be decided outside the project, but would influence the project start date in green, above.
Note: This date is calculated on calendar days, not working days as previously set.
Total number of working days needed including public consultation TOTAL DAYS Includes the number of days needed for public consultation, if appropriate
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