This page looks at PBN aspects of the T/O and departure phase of the flight.

Departure procedure with multiple Radius-to-Fix (RF) legs (London Stansted, UK)

The “Detling 1D (DET 1D)” is a RNP 1 Standard Instrument Departure (SID) from runway 04 in London Stansted (EGSS)  and contains two consecutive Radius-to-Fix (RF) legs with different radii. The RF legs define a fixed, repeatable curved path over the ground.

The chart is shown to the right and the path is displayed on the Navigation Display (ND) below.

The video below shows the procedure flown in an Airbus 350, with a wind of 25 knots increasing the aircrafts groundspeed during the turn. Due to the increasing groundspeed, the aircraft’s flight management system (FMS) needs to increase the bank angle during the turn to remain on the curved track.

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