PBN Infrastructure

The navigation infrastructure that supports PBN operations is either ground or space-based Navigation Aids (NAVAIDs).

In terms of ground-based 'conventional' NAVAIDs, PBN utilises VOR and DMEs only.  Space-based infrastructure, which is the primary navigation infrastructure supporting PBN, only focuses on the US NAVSTAR Global Position System (GPS) today.

  • Ground-based NAVAIDs
    • Very High Frequency Omni-directional Ranging
    • VOR Performance
    • Distance Measuring Equipment
    • DME Performance
    • TACAN
  • Space based
    • GNSS Elements
    • Core Constellations
    • GNSS Spectrum Allocation
    • GNSS Vulnerabilities
    • GNSS Interference Testing
  • Self Navigation
    • Inertial Navigation
    • Error sources for an Inertial System
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